Third Culture Kid Coaching

“Becky’s coaching taught me what works for me and what doesn’t. I learned new ways of getting my voice heard and having people understand what I am saying. Stepping into new perspectives of viewing my life has helped to bring change in everything I do – better family relationships and academics in school. Loving who I am was what Becky taught me most of all.”
Courtney, 16 yr. old, Relocation from Vietnam to Canada

“As a college aged TCK, I had some real challenges in school and with friends. I had some grieving to do. Becky listened without judging. She was open and offered support. I felt so comfortable with her. She brought forward the root of my problems. She helped me come up with a plan, then work the plan through action steps that were manageable. I felt good about the small steps that turned into big ones! Most of my problems were solved in the 3 months we worked together and I feel like I can take what I’ve learnt and apply it to other issues that come up. I’m a lot more self-aware. I’m also courageous at facing what I need to now.”
Heather, age 22, TCK from Japan, now going to school the US

“Moving from Germany to Canada with our daughter in grade 11 was a very challenging experience for her. To help her deal with the transition, she met regularly with Becky, who was wise, caring, and an inspiring confidante and coach. It was obvious that she looked forward to meeting with Becky and came away each time encouraged by new insights and challenge to take transition steps in specific and purposeful ways. She opened up about her feelings and experiences and we drew closer as a result. At first, she hated us for making her move. Over the course of several months, sadness turned to adjustment. It’s now been 6 months, and she’s found her niche with after school activities and a few friends. What a tremendous difference this relationship made for all of us.”
Rebecca, mother to a 17 yr. old

“I found myself pressed against the wall of a dead end in life. I had a lot of issues as a TCK. As my coach, Becky took my hand and helped lead me out. It is rare to encounter someone in life with such compassion and discernment. I respect and trust Becky deeply. I have embraced my life – the pain, the experiences, the possibilities. Not only is my life now open, but I have found my passion – to be a healer and helper of others. I don’t know exactly what this will look like, but I’m heading back to school to get my master’s in social work. Thanks, Becky, for who you are and what you helped me through.”
Jacqueline, age 27, TCK from several African countries, now mother of two in Vancouver

“Until I met Becky, I didn’t know or understand the term Third Culture Kid. Becky’s coaching and knowledge helped me understand and come to terms with, as well as move beyond, the impact of being a child of the world. I now know my strengths and the benefits of my movement around the world. Becky’s coaching has helped bring a new richness to my life – and the coaching I can offer my own clients.”
Wendi, Internationally Accredited Business Communicator and Coach, ATCK who has lived in Denmark, South Africa and Canada

“Becky helped me and my brother and sister go through culture shock in Indonesia. It was hard getting used to our new life, especially the new language and culture. Making friends at the international school was challenging. Becky listened and helped us come up with good ideas to make things work. If they didn’t work, we’d try another idea. Becky is fun, really understands cuz she was a TCK and is kind. Now we really love it here. We have friends from school and some local friends too.”
Nicole, age 12, Indonesia