“Becky and her husband, Harv, came and spoke at our country retreat on team building, conflict resolution and how to handle change. They made an incredible teaching team, had a great mixture of fun learning games and information, tools to help our teams when the left, and time to practically work through these tools. They did a fine job of working through an interpreter as we had expat and national staff attend. They are warm, personable and engaging.”
Jason, Country Director with an NGO in Cambodia

“Becky Matchullis was the primary presenter…for the professional development of boarding home supervisors in Europe and Africa organized by our association. She was extremely knowledgeable in her content and an excellent presenter. Becky’s presentations were both research and experientially based. She used her time effectively and purposefully, by using visuals, allowing feedback, directing small group work and summarizing. Her follow up discussions with participants demonstrated excellent listening skills…as an organizer of conferences, I hope to call on Becky’s services again and am confident that she would contribute significantly to any event focusing on the areas of her expertise.”
David Wilcox, Ph.D, Director, International School Services for ACSI

“I have had several opportunities to hear Becky speak to parents on issues of FAMILIES IN TRANSITION…very positive comments from parents. Becky has done her homework in at least two ways. She has read widely and she has lived it. She speaks from her own experience and from having listened well to others. She gave presentations to our staff, parents, teens and school kids when the university moved to another city and province. Her help for our professors and their families was so very valuable. Her presentations are well organized, clearly presented and very creative…both for adults and kids. The fact that she is articulate, easy to listen to and has a sense of humor just adds to the mix. People leave her sessions with greater understanding and very practical ideas to implement…”
Joan Carter, Professor of Counselling, Ambrose University College

“At a time when our team was very weary due to long hours, hard labor, and difficult and frustrating work environments, Becky effectively communicated and coached us through workshops and exercises that dealt specifically with the issues we were facing – all around resilience. We had a limited amount of time to step away from our pressing workloads and she took advantage of each available moment to facilitate a safe and restful learning environment where the team could evaluate circumstances and opportunities for healing and growth. Becky utilized her knowledge and skills to provide perspective and direction for addressing current stress points and future tests so that as individuals and as a community of believers, we could function as an efficient, healthy, and prosperous team.”
Charles, Country Director for Samaritan’s Purse, Haiti

Participants at Various Workshops

“Becky was outstanding as a speaker.”

“She was personable, practical, a good communicator…relates and understands so many life situations…”

“Thanks for encouraging us to be real, Becky. You are living our your purpose. So glad you could be here.”

“I loved the BALANCE seminar. It empowered me to see new perspectives when so often the one I’m living isn’t working for me.”

“enlightening and emotional”

“Becky is wise, energetic, gentle and real. She nurtures. She challenges.”

“So many questions you posed were questions that went right to my heart. Transformation is already taking place”

“Becky is an excellent communicator; she’s engaging, and we all loved her interactive style.”

“…Becky gives real life stories from her own life and is vulnerable, she has a way of drawing her audience in…”