Personal Coaching

“Becky’s coaching during my transition overseas was invaluable. She helped me celebrate seemingly small victories and coping with major cultural change. She didn’t judge. She entered my journey and led me to new perspectives. Becky is insightful, gracious, sensitive and compassionate. She always had my best interests at heart – sometimes pushing and challenging me, other times listening and supporting the wrestling of my heart. With her coaching, I am succeeding. I love the expatriate life, with its mixed emotions and experiences.”
Karen, expatriate trailing spouse, 36 yrs. old, Malaysia

“I came traumatized to coaching. A patient of mine was shot by his enemies as we were racing him to an airplane transport. I had worked as an RN in refugee camps for years, yet this shook me to the core. Becky’s coaching allowed me to process this event and see that my being ‘strong’ was actually holding me back from being ‘courageous’. Healing has happened and I’ve been given a new sense of purpose. I’m not defined by this traumatic event, but have incorporated it into my life as part of my story.”
Karen, nurse with Samaritan’s Purse, 34 yrs. old – South Sudan

“Becky has been an inspirational coach. Her support has been significant in helping me make my way through hard decisions and priorities. I have most appreciated her gentle pushing, provocative questions and courageous support. And for believing in me when I didn’t. I have moved into my dream job, found my place in this world and though the transition has been hard, it has been worth it. I am living my values and feeling fulfilled.”
Trina, 36 yr. old Global Consultant/Coach & Mom of 2, living in Dubai

“I’ve gone through the stormy waters of major transition into a new life, new job and a new sense of identity. Becky’s coaching has been an anchor. Some of the issues were deep and difficult, yet Becky’s questions, hopeful encouragement and practical tools helped give me assurance that all would work out well and I wouldn’t lose my mind in the process!! She helped me figure out who I was. As we searched for options, I could be transparent with Becky – and as new paths opened for me, I had clarity and hope. Becky’s coaching pushed me to be my best.”
Donna, 42, repatriated from France to Canada, after 12 years

“Becky’s coaching was an essential tool guiding me through a rough transition in my life. Her effective approach, along with the many tools and methods she used, kept me focused on my goals and strategies. She honored the process, invested in my goals and was a strong, encouraging voice through my struggles as well as a partner in celebrating my victories. I am more focused and fulfilled with my job and have a better relationship with my wife.”
Engineer from Hong Kong, moved to the US

“After being in relief and development work as a nurse for 3 years in Afghanistan and Indonesia, I came back to Australia and found myself lost. I didn’t know what direction to take. I had not worked through the transitions that existed between all the places I lived and people I worked with. Becky’s coaching allowed me to process unfinished transition, keep doors shut that needed to be closed and look forward with anticipation to the future. I learned what my personal values are and how to more effectively live them out. Becky gave me helpful tools for the many more transition journey’s I will find myself on. What now? I am back in Afghanistan, working with women and children, passionately in love with the people of this war torn country.”
Lesley, age 33, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Australia

“Thank you for the accountability with my goals, which ultimately improved my performance in leading my team effectively, seeing them work together even with cultural differences and increasing our overall performance.”
Tim, Project Manager – IT Company, Malaysia

“As a country director with our NGO, I was over my head with team relational issues, management and admin challenges. Becky’s coaching gave me clear goals to work from, breaking down overwhelm to concise action steps. With her help I faced my fears, regained my confidence and trust; enforced boundaries and found my voice. After 5 months, I had our team at a healthy place, functioning well and working together.”
Trevor, 36 yrs., NGO in Tibet

“I came to Becky with a need to regroup. After many moves around the world, I had adapted to so many places, but had lost track of my true self. Becky helped me discover my values and to hear my calling in new ways. I can now bring my unique beauty, style and soul into any setting with new bravery and joy.”
Modita, lived in 4 countries and now in Abu Dhabi

“Having someone to listen objectively and guide my thoughts is what I needed. I very much enjoyed seeing how Becky was able to bring out my own priorities and values that were previously lost in the mix of life. She helped me identify criteria that explained why I like some choices and not others. I’ve continued to apply these tools in all my decisions since.”
Travis, with an NGO in Afghanistan and Lebanon, now in a doctoral program in the US

“Your impact has brought generosity, creativity, growth, learning, stability and challenge into my life. Thank you for your compassionate nurturing of me through the coaching process. You have helped me become the expat I am today.”
Wendy, expat mom