Family Coaching

“Our family unit was empowered by Becky’s teaching and coaching when we moved from Canada to Thailand. We learnt so much about ourselves and how to live cross culturally.”
Shelly, trailing spouse of partner who works with Shell – to Thailand from the Netherlands

“My teenager, this last relocation, went through a very difficult time. I wanted to parent well, but was driven by fear and as a result wanted to control. This impacted our entire family. Becky coached me through the fear. Love replaced fear as I consciously let go. Not only did my teenager grow up, I did too. It wasn’t always easy, yet we are connected and trusting each other. I learnt so much and am forever grateful. Our family all benefited.”
Sidney, mother of 3, moved from Angola to Scotland

“When we moved back to the States, Becky’s repatriation training and coaching gave our family tools, perspective and help to navigate the huge changes after living internationally for 8 years. We never realized how much we needed her coaching until we got back and realized how much we had changed.”
Teresa, Expatriate Business Manager, mom of 2, repatriating following life in Cairo, Dubai and Ireland

“Our family is more connected, less conflicted, and happier as a unit since receiving family coaching from Becky. With her help, we found our identity, discovered our values, and learnt to play and have fun again. We now know our family strengths – what each of us brings to the others – and are tapping into them in the easy times as well as more challenging times. She also taught us many great parenting skills to help us process our relocation transitions.”
Tracy, trailing spouse with 3 kids from England to Thailand, Singapore and Abu Dubai

“To be intentional about discovering our families’ core values, identity and strengths has been invaluable in grounding us in our transitions. We have been able to stay connected and most of the time kind with each other in the stresses. Becky’s coaching is just what we needed.”
Barbara, expat mom to 2 teens, Mexico