Debriefing Accolades

“Becky is a fantastic facilitator and guide for people under stress. As a leader of a large team in an unstable working environment, I truly appreciated the way she made time to not just listen to our team members but to counsel, lead, and follow up with them even after our time together concluded. Her gentle and sincere communication style gives participants a subtle permission to release and share those experiences that have stretched and traumatized them.”
Charles, NGO Country Director in Haiti

“Working with Becky after various overseas assignments has been great. She was able to help me process the events and challenges that I faced so that I could move past yet learn from my experiences. Talking with someone who really knows how things are in international teams or in cross cultural circumstances is incredibly important. She could empathize with my situation, where others could only try to understand.”
Travis, worked with various NGO’s in Afganistan and Lebanon in various positions, including Country Director

“I have always enjoyed being able to debrief with Becky. Her style is relaxed and makes me feel at ease. She asks me questions that really make me think deep about not just where I’ve been, but where I am and where I want to go. I know that I can talk about anything and I won’t be judged, but supported. Thanks, Becky.”
Patty, NGO in Haiti, Swaziland and Lebanon