Couple Coaching

“We rediscovered what drew us together all those years ago; reignited our friendship and found new ways to reconnect now that we have tweens and teens. Thanks, Becky, for coaching us to get out of the weeds and see the beautiful landscape in our relationship. You helped us revision our future together and we’re moving forward with hope.”
Gisell and Woodruff, living in Mongolia with their 5 children

“Having moved 4 times in the last 7 years, our marriage was put on the back burner to surviving relocation transition. My husband was on a constant learning curve, often away from our family. I was left to hold the family together. This put incredible strain on our marriage. Becky helped me to find hope, perspective and new communication tools. I found changing one partner – me – made a huge difference in our relationship. I am so grateful that I went to coaching now and didn’t wait any longer.”
Katerina, accompanying spouse, living in Angola

“We’ve only been married a year and this is our first overseas assignment. We wanted to build a good foundation as we’re hoping to live the expatriate life for many years and having a family overseas. Becky’s coaching has helped us be intentional and we’ve gained so many tools for effective communication, conflict solving and knowing what will help us live out our values and vision for life. Thanks Becky!”
Elroy and Sarah, living in Kuwait