What the New Year Needs Most: Reflection and Invitation

I sit alone this morning, a cup of tea in hand, looking out the window. Snow blankets the ground. Tree branches are bare in the cold. Winter stillness. The neighborhood is unusually quiet, after all night New Year’s parties. It’s my time to reflect.

I’m not always good at reflection. My mind scatters… taking rabbit trails into the experiences and feelings of this past year. Part of remembering is retracing hard times. This is ok because remembering means going through the entire year. And each year brings its challenges. Yet these memories can come with guilt or regret. I can ruminate and get stuck. This isn’t what New Year reflection is about, because it’s not healthy.

Reflection is looking backwards and noticing without judgement and with openness.

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COMPLETING 2013 and CREATING 2014 as a FAMILY, Guaranteeing Better Expat Family Life

New Year is a great time to build family rituals because there’s not a lot of ingrained family traditions associated with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Make it fun. Have your kids and teens WANT to participate by setting the mood with lighting and music, action – a dance party or banging pots and pans, and certainly add their favourite foods! When you’re done, curl up and relax with a great movie.

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