6 Keys to Understanding Resilience

Resilience is the ability to withstand and rebound from crisis and overcome life’s challenges, strengthened and more resourceful. Froma Walsh

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What transition or trying time are you experiencing? Where you wonder if you can make it through? Life includes hardships – short and long seasons that take us deep into thick jungle valleys, far from the spacious delight of mountain tops.

Excerpts from my journal these past months read:

woman holding her head with one hand“I am bone weary. Shoulders sag, heart is heavy.”

“I feel like giving up… walking away… checking out of life for a while.”

“One crisis dissipates and another replaces it. Let me catch my breath- I haven’t recovered from the last one yet.”

“At night, my mind ruminates a stew of thoughts, unable to sleep. I cry out. Where is God? Has He walked away, given up as well?” [Read more…]