COMPLETING 2013 and CREATING 2014 as a COUPLE, Guaranteeing a Better Expat Marriage

One sure way to make 2014 a successful year as a couple is to take time to connect around what went well last year and what you’d like to see happen this year.

3 Steps to A Better Relationship in 2014

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Expatriate Life Coaching

Greg* and Terry* anticipated their international assignment. Both desired to live cross culturally, wanting their children to be globally minded. Once in Singapore, life began to unravel. Greg, immersed in work, was expected to sustain a high level of business performance and develop complex business relationships. Terry had chosen to put her career on hold to ‘make things work’. The kids began school – different routine, a collage of peers and cultures, different academic levels (you know the deal). They longed for friends and family. They missed the familiar. Terry especially missed a sense of fulfillment and contribution. Greg wasn’t around much; when he was, he didn’t like to see her sad or hear her frustrations. Home life became conflicted. They didn’t feel like they ‘fit’ the expatriate community, though they tried to connect with others. Terry wanted to take charge of life, process her feelings, and move into the rich, exciting life she dreamed of. Coaching was their answer.  [Read more…]