Personal Resilience

Embrace your expatriate life with courage and joy!
Live from a place of acceptance and love.


Do you:
* Anticipate moving internationally and want to embrace the adventure of expat life?
* Feel alone and isolated in your new city?
* Wonder where your confidence went?
* Feel major change fatigue? Feel vulnerable?
* Wonder whether you’re really cut out for this life called ‘global’?

You may be starting out this journey and finding it very difficult. No one prepared you. Or you thought you were prepared… yet little did you know. Perhaps you did well the first couple of relocations and now you’re just downright exhausted. And there are other times in expat life when it’s not about transition. It’s about crisis. Something unexpected turns life upside down. You wonder how you’ll cope and can’t find resources to help. And there’s sometimes the guilt of feeling the way you do when you live such an amazing life.

Right now you’re struggling. Know there’s nothing wrong with you because no one has given you a personalized guidebook called ‘Living the Expatriate Life’. You don’t have to go it alone anymore. After living the expatriate life for much of my life and helping hundreds of individuals for well over 10 years, I’m here to serve you with tools and strategies that work. There’s no quick fix. It’ll take courage and a willingness to change and engage. And in the process, you’ll discover inner strength and potential like you’ve never known; peace and a sense of anticipation and joy for life itself. You’ll develop and live from a place of resiliency, because it happens IN and THROUGH stress and challenge, transition and pain.

“Becky’s coaching was an essential resource to guide me through a very rough spot in my life. As a ‘trailing spouse’, I lost my significance and purpose. I so wanted to live the adventure and make the expatriate life work. Instead I was confused, vulnerable and felt paralyzed by inaction. I felt trapped and somewhat bitter. This so wasn’t me – normally a confident career woman! Coaching allowed me to rediscover myself and ground ME in ME. Becky’s gentle and effective approach, along with many tools, helped me grieve my losses and embrace new opportunities. She invested in my goals along with me. She was an encouraging voice through the struggles and a partner in celebrating the victories. I’m standing firm and courageous and feel great momentum in knowing how to deal with stress, transition, challenge and crisis’. Bring on whatever – I am resilient now!”
Alina, 36 yr old former IT manager, wife and mother of 2, living in England and loving the expat life


“I found my coaching sessions with Becky to be challenging in that she pushed me outside my comfort zone, to go to areas that were difficult in transition, but necessary to help me grieve the losses. She helped me learn how to not get stuck in the negative, but to put a positive light on what I was going through & yet not minimize the pain. One of the most helpful things for me was that she encouraged me to feel the grief associated with my losses, to talk about it with my family & to let them help me through it.”
Jodi – Malaysia, Hong Kong and repatriated to Canada


Imagine this instead:

  • Finding and accepting yourself, and living from your strengths, values and core beliefs
  • Building up tools and strategies for life long resilience
  • Replacing loneliness and isolation with friendship and involvement with others
  • Contributing wherever you are living in a way that means something to you
  • Embracing the adventures of your new environment with a sense of groundedness and direction

Can you imagine what several of these, or more, will look like in your life? They are possible! And I’m here to serve you as a resilience coach and educator.

Where do I start?

The best place to start is the BLOG where you’ll find articles such as:

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It’s my passion to give you a lifeline of hope, empower you for courage and allow you to tap into your strengths to live the expatriate life with resilience and joy.


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