Partnership Resilience

Live your marriage with honour and trust; love and delight.
Stand hand in hand to face challenge and transition,
enjoying the adventure and fun of global living together.



Do you:

  • Wonder who you and/or your partner have become? This wasn’t either of you 6 months ago!
  • Find yourself struggling to keep your relationship a priority when there’s so much else that screams for your attention?
  • Feel little space of understanding to express what’s inside with your spouse?
  • Want more than anything to have a close and caring relationship, yet wonder how because so much has changed?

Your expatriate marriage has some challenges to work through ~ change brings loss and transition. Which means grief to process and chaos to move through. There’s discomfort when raising your family in a different cultural setting. One or both of you have a demanding job, often gone traveling or working long hours in a multicultural setting. There’s not a lot of extra time for each other. You’ve had to adapt to new friends and ways to pursue enjoyment and adventure. There are role changes that each of you have taken on, both within and outside your marriage. Negative emotions like fear, overwhelm and vulnerability are brought into the relationship. Where do each of you find significance and purpose? All of this increases stress and puts pressure on your relationship.

You don’t need me to tell you this because you’re living it. It’s normal. After living it myself and working as a coach with many expatriate couples, I know. You aren’t alone – many others have felt this same way along their expat journey. We don’t talk much about it because sometimes we think we need to have it all together. As a couple’s resilience coach, I’m here to serve you with proven relationship strategies, tools and resources, allowing you to grow and deepen your marriage relationship.

Imagine this as a couple:

  • Living with each other as best friends
  • Being on the same page in your expatriate life
  • Learning to live your expat marriage from both your strengths
  • Pushing through conflict with win-win solutions
  • Knowing each other’s values and honouring them
  • Making your physical, spiritual and emotional relationship top priority

This expatriate marriage relationship is more than possible! It will take time. It will mean commitment, tapping into Higher Love and courage to be messy as you try new ways of being and doing things. And it will be worth the effort when you see transformation happen.

Our marriage, prior to Becky’s help, was conflicted and disconnected. Moving every two years meant continual transition and stress. One day when we slowed down long enough, we looked at each other and wondered who we had become. Becky helped us rediscover ourselves, our values, and reconnect with respect. We’ve learnt to honour our differences and build on our strengths – both individually and as a couple. We just went through a move and though chaotic, we stayed connected and did amazingly well! We’re very proud of ourselves and the new place in marriage and expat life that we’re in.
Colin and Heather, expats with 2 children and lived in Scotland, Kuwait and Malaysia


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