Parenting for Resilience

Parent from a place of peace.
Live love.
Stay connected as a family.
Experience strength in stress; courage in challenge.
Be a resilient family!

  • Do you frequently lay awake fearful about your kid’s adjustment to their new school?
  • Is there unhappiness in your home?
  • Lost your family’s sense of identity?
  • Wonder how to parent when you’re often a mess of twisted nerves or raging emotions?
  • Have little idea how to live from your family’s strengths?

You aren’t alone. Most expatriate families experience feelings of anxiety and helplessness along the way. As an expatriate mom, I’ve lived the anguish of not knowing what to do or where to turn for help in parenting. You’re doing the best job you know how to nurture and give your kids the best in life. And they are doing their best in living the life that’s being offered them as global nomads. There are pluses and minuses in this expatriate life and we experience them the greatest within family. Why? Because family is a safe place. We can be real. Emotions are felt. Behaviour is expressed. And WHAT DO YOU DO when you live more in the place of transition and tension? Or chaos and challenge? I’m here to help you with tools, strategies and coaching. With time, intentionality, effort and courage, tools can be learnt. Strategies developed. Thoughts changed. Behaviours altered and your family will be transformed. It is possible!

Your family will:

  • get it together when you feel like you’re falling apart
  • find hope in relocation transition
  • embrace adventure in moving and being anywhere in the world
  • stay connected in challenge
  • positively live from your strengths


“When we moved from Canada to Turkey, we thought we were well prepared. I read many books and talked to seasoned expats. But until I lived the experience, I just didn’t realize what I was going up against. Our teenager was depressed; our youngest had some major behavioral problems and issues at school. I felt alone and afraid. It was hard to talk to other expats about parenting and the deep things of my heart. With Becky’s coaching, love replaced fear; I learnt to stay calm; I pushed through hard conversations with my husband, Tom, and we come up with solutions to try together; and I connected with understanding and empathy with my children. We all learnt to work through emotions and find ways to celebrate. We have a stronger and happier family.”
Cindy, mother of 3, expatriate living in Turkey and now Dubai


As parents imagine:

  • interacting with your children/teens from a place of love, not fear
  • moving from nerves and yelling, to peace and calm in your home
  • learning to co-parent with trust and respect
  • exchanging the knot in your stomach with mindfulness and presence
  • parenting with courage and hope; strength and connection


“I found myself full of negative emotion. I was dealing with my own set of challenges and my children felt they had lost their mum. My husband was rarely around because of work demands. Knowing I could connect with a coach regularly – one who not only understood what I was facing, but also championed me in finding deep inner strength and be empowered to get back to equilibrium – it’s been brilliant! Becky is sensitive, brings out the best in her clients and has taught me gratitude, peace and love. My children have ME back – more engaged – as both their mum and as a confident woman.”
Winnie, expat entrepreneur living in Thailand


You can go from imagining to making this reality, as Cindy and Winnie have. As a family resilience coach, I can help your family move from desperation and darkness to courage and peace.

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It’s my passion to empower expatriate families to live from their strengths and stay connected in relationship. I give them anticipation for today and hope for their tomorrows.


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