Renewal – A Different Way to Look at Transition

Change happens so frequently in our lives that one isn’t complete before another bombards us. This puts us into “transition”- coming to grips emotionally and spiritually with the change itself.

We experience continual mini-transitions daily – coping with interruptions and adjustments to our schedule and to relationships. If it isn’t too major, life gets back to equilibrium quickly. There may be a sense of stress, impatience or overwhelm, but we recalibrate and move on.

If it’s a positive change, we still feel a transition, but because there’s positive emotions, we get on with the adjustment easily and without too much challenge.

However, if it’s a major change, or several changes happening at once, it can become a full blown life transition, and we feel it greatly – grief from losses, ambiguity from chaos and an emotional rollercoaster ride (check here)

Being a former intensive care nurse, I’ve always been fascinated by how our physical bodies change. We’ve have been created with DNA that continually regenerates and renews itself. Each cell cycle in our body is different. For instance:

• Eye cells on the cornea, so the eye can focus properly, renew themselves every 24-48 hours.

• The cells in our stomach, because they are exposed to acid, replace themselves every 3-5 days.

• Skin cells in our epidermis last about a week.

• The taste buds you had two weeks ago aren’t the same ones you have today!

• Liver cells regenerate every 6 weeks.Red Blood Cells

• Red blood cells change approximately every four months.

• Heart cells regenerate 3-4 times in an adult lifespan.

Some areas of our body take longer. A bone remodels itself and replaces its cells every ten years or so. Cells in the intestinal tract last about 15 years.

Every moment we’re alive, we’re physically in a constant renewal cycle.

Our psychological lives don’t experience the same automatic renewal cycle. Change, as part of our lives, has us enter transition – emotional, mental and spiritual upheaval!

How we respond during this time is crucial. Making choices that are right for us during the process is important. Every one of us is unique and will choose s differently. As we learn to navigate it well, we find new ways to renew ourselves, developing strength to live globally.

As you face your fears and challenges, may you open yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling. Find ways to triumph, renewing yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, relationally, and by doing so, build resilience!

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