Types of debriefing offered:

1 – Critical incident stress debriefing

The distress you may experience following a critical incident or trauma can limit your ability to adjust and/or cope; and may negatively impact your work environment, your overall health and relationships. CISD is a process that prevents or limits the development of post-traumatic stress and allows you to cope with and recover from the effects of a trauma you were either a part of, witnessed, or gave compassionate care to others following. This process enables you to:

  • rehearse what you recall of the incident
  • talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment
  • look at how your body, mind, and soul are coping
  • learn what is normal reaction of body, mind and soul
  • develop a plan to help you cope and move forward

2 – Contract Completion / Home Assignment / Re-entry Debriefing

Expatriates who have both an “internal” (from their sending organization) and “external” (from a coach or counselor outside the organization) debrief, report an ability to assimilate their experiences more effectively, let go of negative emotions, and feel understood. An external debrief allows honesty in the sharing of experiences and processing the feelings you have toward your sending agency in a trusting and confidential relationship. A contract completion/home assignment/re-entry debrief gives opportunity for you to:

  • talk about and process your experiences in a safe and confidential environment
  • celebrate success – professional and personal growth, change and transformation
  • address any concerns from your time as an expatriate
  • add meaning to what doesn’t fit
  • explore and develop a plan for what’s next , incorporating strengths and transformations from the expatriate experience

What to debriefings cost?

  • Individual debriefing – $115.00 Cdn/hr
  • Couple debriefing – $125.00 Cdn/hr
  • Family debriefing – $150.00 Cdn/hr