What the New Year Needs Most: Reflection and Invitation

I sit alone this morning, a cup of tea in hand, looking out the window. Snow blankets the ground. Tree branches are bare in the cold. Winter stillness. The neighborhood is unusually quiet, after all night New Year’s parties. It’s my time to reflect.

I’m not always good at reflection. My mind scatters… taking rabbit trails into the experiences and feelings of this past year. Part of remembering is retracing hard times. This is ok because remembering means going through the entire year. And each year brings its challenges. Yet these memories can come with guilt or regret. I can ruminate and get stuck. This isn’t what New Year reflection is about, because it’s not healthy.

Reflection is looking backwards and noticing without judgement and with openness.

It means taking an honest look at the past year. Not with regret, but with an open mind and honest heart. Guided questions for purposeful reflection:

What would you like to acknowledge yourself for in 2014? Who have you been in order to do what you’ve done

Where have you especially lived and learned this past year? Think of the challenging circumstances you faced. Think also of transitions and the opportunities that have come your way.

How did you live in the shadows last year? In fear? Where were you stuck?

What’s missing in your life, the presence of which would have your life be more fulfilling?

What activities have had heart and meaning for you this past year?

How did you serve in 2014? Who did you serve? What aspects of your service brought you alive?

As you move into this New Year, what do you choose to release in order to move forward in light and hope? What do you intentionally let go of?

As you look at the year ahead, open your heart and thoughts to possibility. Allow these guided questions to fill you with invitation:

How might life change if you lived in the light? What strengths could you share if you gave up hiding your weaknesses?

If you could serve in any possible way in 2015, what would you create?

Where do you want to claim your power even more in the next year? In what way?

How do you want to step more into your life purpose in the next year?

What inspirational word(s), phrase or verse do you desire to make a guiding light this year? What significance does this have for you?

What do you invite and embrace this year?

What prayer do you pray today as you release 2014 and step into 2015?

Wherever you are living and working in this world, may you find hope in the gratefulness of what is rather than the guilt of what isn’t. May 2015 start with invitation as you release the old and welcome the new.

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