Intentional Questions To Ask Yourself…

During Relocation and/or Challenging Times

  1. Who do I want to BECOME through this experience? What am I becoming?
  2. What are my STRENGTHS and how can I build on them during this time and beyond?
  3. What/who are my SUPPORT systems? How can I utilize them in the best possible way?
  4. What are my NEEDS right now? Where do I take responsibility for them?
  5. What do I need to LET GO of? EMBACE?… in order to manage and sustain myself
  6. What INTENTIONS do I choose to put into place to handle the next 3 – 6 months?
  7. What BOUNDARIES are necessary for my well-being? How will I put them into place?
  8. What’s BIGGER than __________? (the stressor or fear I’m facing)
  9. What is present when I’m at MY BEST? How can I bring that into my life now?
  10. 5 years from now, what’s the STORY I want told? How will I live it out today?
  11. What LESSON is coming through this wound/challenge/transition?
  12. What can I be GRATEFUL for at this time?
  13. What will recharge my batteries right now?
  14. What is it to be gentle with myself? Where am I being too hard on myself?
  15. What territory have I already taken? What can be celebrated today?

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