Why Hire You?

Why Hire You Over Other Expatriate Coaches?

EXPAT NICHE – I specialize in working with individuals and families that are passionate about embracing the expatriate life and living it to the full and with those who want to develop strategies and tools for resilience.

LIVED THE EXPAT LIFE – I’ve lived as an expatriate much of my life – as a kid, teen, mom, co-parent, career woman and STARS (spouse traveling and relocating successfully; aka “trailing spouse” or “accompanying partner”). This allows me to bring understanding, empathy and sensitivity, as well as proven tools and ideas to help you.

STRENGTHS-BASED COACHING – My coaching is strengths based. You learn to tap into your strengths – whether you’re an individual, couple or family – to face your transitions and challenges, rather than minimizing the problems or focusing on liabilities. It’s not what’s ‘wrong’, but what is ‘strong’.

BRAIN-BASED COACHING – We work WITH the brain to change thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and feelings.

PROFESSIONAL – I am a professionally certified coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) with over 1500 hours of logged coaching time with paid clients…many more pro bono.

I GET IT – Transition has never been easy for me. My default mode is digging in my heels! Learning what works for me, and trying many different ideas, allows me to offer much to my clients.

EXPERTISE WITH ALL AGES – no matter the age, I coach all members of the family:

  • Children age 10 – 13 – with a parent present
  • Teenagers (13 and up) and young adult TCK’s
  • Couples – separately or together
  • The entire family


Photo of Becky Matchullis - Expat Family Resilience Coach